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Böttger 2.0

Interactive spatial presentation on the invention of European porcelain

One notable highlight in the Museum run by the Meissen Porcelain Foundation is the spatial presentation on Johann Friedrich Böttger and the invention of European porcelain. The emotional, interactive lead-in to the exhibition allows visitors to immerse themselves in a world of enthralling mystique. The stage is set by means of dynamic lighting, projections, media stations, exhibits and sound. Three projections tell the story of how the first European porcelain came to be.

The set-up is flanked by media stations that go into the genesis of porcelain, Böttger’s associates and the Porcelain Manufactory itself in greater depth. Content is conveyed by means of film sequences and text. An illuminated “philosopher’s stone” alluding to the subject of alchemy acts to entice visitors to enter the presentation space.

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