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Paul Scheurich

Paul Scheurich (b. 1883 New York, d. 1945 Brandenburg) was one of the most important porcelain designers of the first half of the 20th century. On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of his death, the exhibition goes in search of clues. His porcelain designs for Meissen and other German manufactories, supplemented by rare bronze statues, drawings, illustrations and advertising graphics from the artist's hand, convey a diverse portrait of the artist.

Sold by the Meissen Porcelain Foundation and the book trade

Cover: Softcover

Release date: 10.08.2022

Publisher: Meissen Porcelain Foundation

Publisher: Sandstein Kommunikation

Number of Pages: 176

Edition: 1

Language: German, English

ISBN: 978-3-95498-673-6

Sales price: 34,00 €

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Zwiebelmusterdekoration neu und alt Meissen Porzellan-Stiftung
Zwiebelmusterdekoration neu und alt Meissen Porzellan-Stiftung

From China to Meissen

300 Years of Blue Onion Pattern

The Onion Pattern is almost as old as European porcelain itself. What makes this scheme so special? How can the fascination it has always exerted be explained?

Anja Hell has got together with Lutz Miedtank in this publication to reveal some exciting new findings on how the Meissen Onion Pattern came to be. 

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